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How to be a (Shamans Cave) Student


Taking an online class is usually the first step for a (Shamans Cave) student. Generally, people approach this in the same way as always. Arrive at the stated time, take a seat, sit down and get ready to take some notes, including the homework. Go home, be excited to learn something new, think about what was said and wait until the last minute to do the homework. All that changes when you become a student here. It begins with accepting this premise and letting go of what you think you know to embrace a new way.

How? you may ask

Becoming a (Shamans Cave) student can be like entering into a relationship – with your teacher, the other members of the class and our community. It's a relationship built on understanding yourself, questioning your assumptions and working to engage with the energy of the class and then the movements assigned outside of the class.

Your teacher has what you want, knowledge. Knowledge that was earned and is constantly being used to further themselves. Each class has its own energetic construct. The teacher will move the students to experience the 'topic' being given. The alleged 'homework' is drawn from that energy and gives you a leg up when you practice it. You will learn what it means when we say: "Your brain is trying to kill you". Every time you hear yourself say, "I understand, I know what that means" – ask a question – because you don't. If you already knew, you wouldn't be here.

The students in your classes are you. They're there to help and for you to help them, as part of your learning process. In order to engage with others, you want to give up being perceived a certain way. A good position to take is being emotionally vulnerable and letting everyone see who you really are. Shamans Cave is a safe space, a healing place. It's okay to reveal pieces and parts of yourself as a means of discovery.

In some ways, you won't fit in as a (Shamans Cave) student. I say that because we don't expect you to. Your contribution will be unique and cannot be replicated. You define it by your intent and every action you take. The big but is, you will fit in the most important way (if you choose), as part of a community of individuals.

Oh, and please do arrive on time for class ????


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Sunday, 14 July 2024

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