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Gratitude… Moved to Tears


When was the last time you were moved to tears? Overwhelming emotion attached to nothing specific other than the exquisiteness in the perfection of the moment, bringing a tear to your eye?

"Can't remember". "Not really, no". "Ummmm, maybe …" 

Came across a curiosity from my past yesterday. A list entitled, "Things I love", numbered to 1,000.

Last entry, #763 (must be from at least 5 years ago)

"wearing two pairs of socks at once"

I look down.

Grey ragg wool over white fuzzy cotton. hmmmmmm

Original purpose of the exercise long forgotten, how it ended up back in my hands today, not a mystery.

Am I moved to tears by socks?

Today, no.

Other days, yes, absolutely

Rereading the 763 entries. Yes, a resounding yes. The memory of any and every object and/or experience holds 

an energetic pathway for movement towards 

experiencing the heart of love. 

All 763 potential hooks for capturing my attention towards that outcome.

#764 – Treasures

Smiling rock #1: Painted and gifted to me from a child and hung outside years ago.
Smiling rock #2: Naturally stained!! Origins unknown. A "new" rock, not the one above, discovered after a busy day in the gardens.

Such a perfect day. Every part of it. Feeling peacefully exhausted, a final leaf removal from the stone path.  I glanced in front of me and laying there embedded between cobblestones,

Joy ......... Love

Time became suspended, as it does in these moments.

Rays of energy are piercing my heart

filling the entirety, all my bits and pieces vibrating.

From where? The giggle of a child.



Profound Gratitude

Experiencing the rightness of being. A tear, brimming on the edge, releases. Slides down over my cheek.

Breathe. Just breathe.

Somewhere a time ago, a list was begun and added to over the years. Who would have thought today I'd pick it up, tip it over, give a shake, and be standing in the middle of this magnificent autumn globe of my life

May you be so blessed.


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Sunday, 14 July 2024

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