Shamanic Healing

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We provide shamanic energetic healing as practiced within the Maker contemporary shamanic tradition. This shamanic tradition has been primarily a closed, family tradition from approximately 400AD until this past generation. Since then, this tradition has been taught to outsiders via in-person and online instruction through

Shamanic healing is may be sought for physical and mental relaxation, pain management, and anxiety & stress reduction. We create energetic opportunities for the client if they choose to continue with self-healing after the session.

Shamanic healing comprises noninvasive energetic techniques, still being researched by traditional science, and currently has no known detrimental side effects.

All volunteer healers approach healing from a detached and compassionate standpoint. There are no "cords" or "links" held between the client and Maker healers. There is no expectation for the client to respond or follow-up after the healing session, though feedback and verification is appreciated. Nothing can or will be done that goes against the client's energetic agreement with the Maker healers. 

More information about the tradition and practices of Makers is available at: Learn About Healing in the Maker Tradition

Click HERE to read the Shamanic Energy Healing Terms of Use and Confidentiality

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