• Fear and Recapitulation

    outsideSome people have fear of recapping - this fear seems to stop them - therefore the question is, why is there fear and how do you overcome it?

    Over the years, I've watched people use the recapitulation technique with various results.  Usually those results are rather profound in terms of their own self-discovery.  Unfortunately, I also see people who attempt the recap and stop because of their own fears, or because it becomes difficult to do.  When we fear anything, the first question we need to ask ourselves is whether the fear is a rational fear, or one born out of a sense of survival, an urgent need to avoid danger to ourselves?

  • Recapitulation and Addictions

    snakeIn essence, we are all subject to addiction of one sort or another, it is only a societal judgment which determines which are good and which are bad.

    We may drink "moderately" - which society says is okay - but we can't smoke pot moderately because society says that is "bad". All addictive behavior serves to isolate and crystallize your energy in one way or another.

  • Recapping Relationships

    spiralsShould we Recap Current Relationships?  I heard it might not be a good idea to recap current relationships.  How do you deal with them and heal the unhealthy parts?

    It's like this: if you recap a relationship along with the rest of the work you're doing, you will find that the relationship appears in a new light - and not one that necessarily is pleasant.

  • The Recapitulation Exercise


    The recapitulation is an ancient technique for retrieving and healing your energy. It also teaches you how to prevent current energetic loss.  Those who pursue it shamanically consider the recapitulation to be a never-ending process. The technique has steps, phases and ramifications as the process unfolds for the individual practicing it.  It is not a new technique, and not one that I invented.  One form or another of the core idea of the recapitulation is present in all the shamanic traditions.  I have brought in as much detail for understanding as possible for the western mindset, and tried to help it fit better with the enculturation that exists in these in modern times.