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Our newest class session offers a bit of something for everyone, from beginners to the most advanced students. Check out our class listings for dates and times: Featured Classes Offered This Session.

If you have any questions about classes or information about Shamans Cave or our school The Caverns please don't hesitate to contact us here.

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Material in the student section is reserved for enrolled students only. Currently there are aproximately 7,000 log files for classes and additional articles and workshop information. Only our students are elegible to attend workshops. New features and material are being added as we redevelop the site. 

You might want to check our list of classes offered here at Shamans Cave so click the button below for a list organized by level.

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New class sessions are usually announced in the Student Forum, via email for those on our mailing list, and on Facebook on the Shamans Cave FB page. New and ongoing students may sign up for classes at Classes and pay via PayPal. New students will receive a username and password so they may access the Student Forum and their class listed in the Class Forum (ex. Recapitulation 1). Within the Class Forum, you'll find the IRC link to the class. On the day/time of the class, the student will go to class by clicking the IRC link. Classes are in a conversational format for 90 minutes with an exercise given weekly toward the end of the class time. Students will practice the exercise throughout the week and report back their experiences in the Class Forum under their class name and in class the following week. Edited transcript logs of the class and exercise will become available usually a few days after the class for student's indefinite access and reference via the Student Library.

Meet The Shamans Cave Faculty

Meet The Shamans Cave Faculty


The Shamans Cave faculty represents years of combined teaching experience in the Maker tradition. Each faculty member brings their own unique experiences to the tradition and can answer questions related to the practices and philosphy of the Makers. Click above to read faculty bios and get to know the people behind the teaching.