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Elizabeth Atwood

Senior Faculty

About Elizabeth Atwood

Beth Atwood began studying at Shaman’s Cave in 2005 after a desperate Google search for “depression and shamanism.” She has been teaching the Maker tradition since late 2010.

After seeing all the signs of the collapse of Western Civilization at the raw age of 10 or 11, simply “knowing” things, and finding she experienced other people’s emotions, Beth skidded down a long road of depression and anxiety. As someone on the autistic spectrum, she found little inclusion in the normal activities of everyday life. There was some respite in being raised in a family of artists…but not enough. There had to be an answer.

Finally, in the midst of raising a family in her mid-forties, she fell off an emotional cliff. The world of the shamanic opened up and swallowed her whole. Through the years she studied with several “shamanic” teachers and began working within her local community, a work which has changed but never ceased.

When she read Gary’s articles on depression and shamanism, she knew she had finally found the right place - a complete training with no b.s., with full integrity, and with immense power and effectiveness that struck every chord.

In her creative time, Beth does collage work, creative journaling, writing, and fiber arts. She’s been known to frequent open mic poetry nights as well. She studies ancient civilizations, other cultures, a little wildcrafting, some science here and there, and reads voraciously.

Beth never imagined herself a teacher, but here she is, a teacher with great passion and joy in her students. The secret calling she never understood. Today Beth teaches the tradition at home and sometimes in the Cave. She is a Maker, an emotional healer and seer, having honed her given ability to “get into” her clients and assist them in moving their energy to a better place.

The Makers have been a hidden gift to the world. If you’ve fallen down an unexpected rabbit hole with no end in sight, perhaps you might consider joining them.