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Belle Lantin


About Belle Lantin

I was born in a small village in a remote town where livelihood is mostly farming. Raised in a tight knit villagers where people were content and seemed nobody tried to dream. I had no one to emulate or to look up to, no television to watch, no newspapers or books to read, I knew little about the outside world.

Despite the seeming lack of opportunity, deep inside of me was a dreamer who believed that something bigger exists. I moved out from our village at very young age to go to school then kept moving to bigger cities to further my studies until I emigrated and ended up in the Land Down Under.

Everything is intent and I never realized that I was swimming all along, I dream, see and move and like most people I bumped into many frustrations. Life situations became more challenging; I got sick and had several episodes of panic attacks and series of nightmares that woke me up middle of the night that left me crying and vomiting. I was confused where it seemed something tearing me apart and had reach to the point where I thought I’m going crazy and whether one can call it divine intervention that very moment I heard a deep voice inside my head that said ‘You are Mind’ the same voice I heard when I couldn’t breathe and was literally dying in a nightmare and the voice inside of me said “wake up, you are only dreaming”


So many paths that were forking, many levels of truth to unravel that it felt I was in the maze and going in a rabbit hole until one afternoon I was listening to a recorded podcast from my meditation teacher. She was talking about intention when I physically felt a visceral ‘thought’ in my head that stunned me for brief moment. When I regained my senses I was asking myself, who moves it?. With nobody to ask, I searched on google and typed “what is Intent?” and for some reason google didn’t give me a definition of the word but instead it brought up some suggestions and at the very top there was one that captivated me; Intent and Will the Path of the Seer. I clicked the link then it brought me into Shamanscave website. I never heard the word shaman or shamanism in my entire life before, but that very moment without hesitation I signed up for the Spiral class 1. That’s where all begun.

I’ve been here since May 2015, 7 years of intently and willfully doing the exercises and movements given which helps me heal, unblock and unweave time and all along slowly experiencing the truth of who I am; I was blind and now can see, once wounded and broken now is healed, the power that was once obscured is now becoming refined and in control.  Guided by the wisdom of the Maker tradition I am very much grateful to become part of the community. A Maker for me is a way of life, a way of being and a way of living truth. I am not different as anyone else, I am only simply called to show who really I am and hence why I teach.