Postcards from the Shadows

Excerpts from conversations on shamanism with Niteshad

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Can you define 'allies'?

An ally is any energy which can be accessed for either good or bad that is outside the general makeup of human energy.  As an example, all plants are like people, each species unique and unique within that species.  Some have the power in connection to human energy to addict, cure illness or kill.  So when we eat a salad, we are literally connecting with that plant's energy on a cellular level and on a larger level with the ally that represents its species.  Each species has its own mold, its own way of being expressed into existence, that creates an over energy, a place where their energy can interact with human energy on a non physical level. We can connect with that through the parts of human energy which most closely relate to it and thereby know it.  We use it or form an "alliance" with it by learning it's nature through our own.  We lend to it, it lends to us, but we need to be careful in our selection because some of those energies will lie to us in order to access what is missing in their own energy.

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Ever get the "willies" for no reason?  Allies cross our path all the time.  They can be drug across that barrier between our everyday reality and their worlds.  As a rule I wouldn't suggest doing that.  Though we may sense them, we usually don't "know" them as real because they are too foreign to our energy for us to easily comprehend.  However, there are some that are more closely aligned with human energy, or your energy in particular and can be known in a more real sense.  The ones most easily accessible come from a place I call the shadowlands.  These are essentially inorganic beings.  It is one of the other parallel "worlds" that human energy can attain, or move to.  When you meet one you will know it; they look like someone took a razor and slashed away the fabric of creation exposing the darkness underneath.  I wouldn't advise you to seek it out.  I just wanted you to be aware there are other forms of energy we can form alliances with.

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