Postcards from the Shadows

Excerpts from conversations on shamanism with Niteshad

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How do shamans find people energetically?

This takes us in to a concept that is very hard for people because they try to break it down mentally and it really won't break down mentally. It's outside our normal ability to reason, so really, when you describe it, it seems almost pointless, but I'm going to describe it anyway.

We all, everything, exist now... and did, and will. Now that's where you lose most people. When you look for somebody, the easiest way to locate them as an example is this. If I want to look at somebody that you've known, I look in you and I find the connection and then I follow that connection to wherever they are. Then I can look at them. But really it's about the same as if I'm standing right next to them, it's not much different. Now, if you've recapitulated - really recapitulated - and broken all those strings, I can still find them. I'm not real sure how that works where I can explain in words, but I'll try. Everything exists in time and space - well somethings are outside time but we won't go there - and they can be found. Even people that are dead can be found - or parts of them. People that have lived can be found, not in the sense that they are still really alive, but in time itself, yes, when you move back, in some sense, they're still alive. They're alive in those moments in that time. So, that's how you find people. First of all, you follow, if you can, the lines that emanate from the person to the person that they are asking about. Very easy - well, not so easy but that's the way it's done.

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How do you know you've got the right person?

You just know. Words fail. I don't know how to explain that. Let me try. It's like everybody living in the world today is, in some sense, a part of you in a very, very minute way. We all breathe the same air, we all drink the same water over and over. We all eat the same earth through our food over and over. And so we share those connections - that energy - you go to the bathroom and urinate, that water goes through the sewage system and goes through the rivers and the sun picks it up in evaporation and it rains down on India as new rain. Well, in a sense, there's some part of your energy, some marker - not your energy per se, but some imprint of you left in the rain that falls from the heavens. And in the plants that spring from the earth. And that's true of all people who have ever lived and all creatures that have ever existed here. Their energy is still with us, it's still locked up in the soil, the air and the breath of the people who are living today. You can literally breathe someone in. You can follow it on that level. You can find their energy - it's still a part of you. It might be one small molecule in someone, but it's there. Once you locate it, you can follow it. If they're still in the world - you can find them.

What if they're not in the world?

Well, even if they're not, but that sort of takes you across another barrier. (Insert Graphic of serpentine spiral)

If you look at it in terms of the spiral, this is your birth, this is your existence in the world - your life, and this is your attachment to everything else, the big spiral. That's how they do it. So, when we're talking about what we're talking about as far as locating somebody in the world, most people live on their spiral right about here (notates,). What we're talking about doing is probably moving up about here - now that's finding people who are alive in the world today. To find somebody else, you're really talking about moving around to here on the spiral, in our connections. That's a good way to visualize it, even though that's not very accurate. It gives you something mechanical to hold on to perceptually, to understand this kind of whirl. Ultimately, we move all the way around the spiral to the center. And at the center, it spirals back the other way again. So, there is an infinity at the heart of the spiral. That's where everything comes together. That's Don Juan's third attention, that spiral. So, that's the best mechanical representation I can give you - people in the world, people and things not in the world, (or not currently in the world.) This is our normal worldview connection. And all that is really artifice - it's mind candy - it doesn't really approach what you're really doing, but if you need something to hold on to - there you go.


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