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Excerpts from conversations on shamanism with Niteshad

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Where does anger come from and what creates it in our energy?

what is anger and what creates it in our energy

Before we get angry, we get afraid.  We also build anger and store it in our energy and our bodies.  The question is where you draw the line?  We tend to create anger in ourselves because we start out with self pity.  A very weak position to start from.  You get angry because how dare they say that to you.  Fear is a big, or actually the biggest creator of anger.  But that fear is often tied to issues of self importance, ego etc.  I'm trying to draw a distinction here between appropriate anger responses and the inappropriate.  It's okay to be angry when it is a natural reaction to real danger or threat.  Anger in the face of a natural threat to you will leave your energy.  Fear is not a good place to build anger from.  You will retain it in your energy, better to get past the fear.  When something happens, say, someone shows you great disrespect and you get angry, what is the real motivation behind that?  The lines between all the emotions can be very fine.  Anything physical and/or violent passes the boundary of created anger and is a natural response of self protection.  That isn't bad in your energy.  If someone slaps you, you have every right to be angry.  If they tell you they think you're an idiot, that isn't worth building anger over because there is no way to release it.  If you're not angry externally, then I would say you have stored it away in your energy and it will eventually come out in physical disease.

Let's look at what anger looks like energetically and what it can do stored in your energy.  When you see anger in people it almost always shows up first in the digestive area, although it can be stored elsewhere as well.  When it's been years in the making and storing it tends to turn black and holes appear in a person's energy.  The gallbladder, spastic colons and bowel problems, kidney infections, the back, especially the neck and shoulders while external stress and grief are often stored in the hips, knees and ankles.  Anger tends to attack the internal organs faster.  Originally anger often meant survival.  We have separated it out and specialized it until it has become a destructive force in our energy . When you're trying to kill a water buffalo with your bare hands,  the energy that represents anger is a good thing.  It's not so good if it happens when someone cuts you off on the freeway.  Anger is a way of reacting emotionally.  We learn to react with anger when often another response is more appropriate and healthy.

The key is to not become angry.  You have to change your perspective.  Only one way I really know, you must make your own death your constant companion and ally.  When you feel anger beginning to rise underneath irritation, just think to yourself, "you know, soon, in such a short time it seems, I will be dead and gone.  All this will be as nothing, how does this (whatever is going on) measure against that?"  This will alter your perspective, forever.


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