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What is Grounding?

Well as the word implies, it is working with the ground in one way or the other.  Grounding is the process whereby we do two things: we first use earth energy to balance ourselves and two, we use grounding to clear unwanted aspects from our energy.  Grounding is one of the few things that really can't be approached at all intellectually. It is purely a function of doing, there is no other way to get "grounded".  It is crucial only in the sense that it reorders our energy in ways that straightens out the human form.  Our form as human energy begins to be bent from the time we are born.  We get a description of the world at that moment and we labor under it the rest of our lives, this bends the natural human energy.  Grounding is one of the things that helps to begin the straightening process.  We begin to straighten first when we admit the possibility that perhaps the world isn't the way we've been led to believe. Then the recapitulation, along with grounding.  Then direct seeing; next breaking the wheel of time; after is movement through energy itself; followed by knowing other forms of energy and finally, movement past our human form .

What is grounding

This is where things get a little odd because grounding exercises tend to not be spectacular, but can seem strange at first.  Grounding helps put things in perspective in real ways.  Also it cleans our energy of specious stress and excess energies. Grounding leads to balance. Balance leads to more efficient use of personal energy.  And as they say, the rest will be history.  An example of grounding would be, diet:  potatoes, beans, carrots, turnips, spices from the tubers or any root crop.  Each provides a different aspect of grounding.  Each of those affects a different area of the body energy and therefore, a different aspect of becoming grounded.  Potatoes work on the lower energy centers for instance. Eat a good baked potato noting how you felt before and then twenty minutes after, see where the effect is really felt in the body. There is really a whole science out of diet and what I refer to as grounding.  Sassafras tea hits the lungs heart area.  Cinnamon on the outside, it soothes the outer layers of our energy and makes moving through situations less stressful. Cloves are also very powerful for that used externally.  Just drop a few in your bath water or you can put them in one of those tea strainer things and relax for a bit.  You might smell like a baked ham, but you will see the effect or rather feel it .  And then, each has a different effect depending on whether you take it internally or externally.

How do you know WHEN to ground and WHAT?

Well, when you find yourself upset but you don't know why.  It hits you as an angst often in the pit of your stomach, something not quite definable.  Stuff is going to hell in a hand basket, etc.  Feel for it in your body, you can isolate it.  Ground whatever isn't yours -- stress from work, the stuff people dump on you, etc.  The recapitulation is the long term solution, but grounding helps in the short term so you can do better recapping.  You aren't at war with your own energy.  You may be with your reason, but your energy intends to stay together. 

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